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Common Distractions for Young Athletes; How to Avoid & Overcome Them

Young kids tend to always get distracted when playing youth sports.  It is important for them to establish and maintain a level of focus that will undoubtedly lead them to success.  When young sports kids achieve a certain level of focus, they will find themselves concentrating on everything they need to focus on during gameplay.  When youth athletes focus on what they are supposed to during the game, they will become a more efficient and effective athlete.  When the focus is directed towards all the right things, they will maximize their confidence and play/perform at their absolute best. 

Unfortunately for young athletes, maintaining a high level of focus in sports is not always easy to achieve.  Many kids get distracted easily and others are not clear on exactly what they should be focusing on.  There are a few common obstacles that youths must overcome when it comes to concentration and focus:

  1. Focusing too much on the score and/or statistics
  2. Thinking back to bad performances
  3. Centering on mistakes
  4. Becoming distracted by negative comments from teammates and/or parents yelling
  5. The fear of failure
  6. Losing focus at critical moments during the game; (feel pressured and become nervous or worried)
  7. Paying too much attention to the reactions of people watching the game (people, fans, friends, etc.)
  8. Allowing distractions to overtake mind and can’t back on track mentally
  9. Mind wanders to other subjects (school, friends, other hobbies, etc.)

Many kids fall into these traps, along with countless others.  It is important for young athletes to be made aware of these “traps” and develop strategies to avoid them.  It is inevitable that youths will become distracted at times.  The difference-maker is how they react when their attention becomes diverted.  Do they remain distracted or do they refocus their attention on the game?  Clearly explain to your young athlete exactly what these distractions are and how they negatively affect performance.  Motivate them to constantly focus on what they need to do each play, each pitch, each shift, etc.  Before you know it your young athlete will improve on performance and significantly enhance their gaming experience.


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