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Imagine how it would feel to be missing your front teeth.  You would hate to smile, conversations would feel uncomfortable, pronouncing words would be difficult and so would eating certain foods.  People often don’t realize how much they would miss their teeth until they actually lose one.

Every week, thousands of young athletes experience injuries whether they are on the playing field, on the basketball court, while biking or skating or doing some other sort of activity.  Injuries to the face in just about every sport can harm your teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue.  A properly fitted mouthguard quickly becomes an important piece of athletic gear when dealing with injuries to the face.  According to the American Dental Association, “An athlete is 60 times more likely to suffer harm to the teeth when not wearing a mouthguard and mouthguards can help buffer an impact or blow that otherwise could cause broken teeth, jaw injuries or cuts to the lip, tongue or face.”  Mouthguards are extremely popular in contact sports such as football, ice hockey, lacrosse, boxing and field hockey, but their popularity is also trending upwards for other sports as well.  Mouthguards help protect teeth even in noncontact sports and many experts now recommend that a mouthguard be worn for any recreational activity that poses a risk of injury to the mouth.

When choosing a mouthguard that is right for you, there are three types to choose from:

  1. The ready-made, or stock mouthguard
  2. The mouth-formed “boil-and-bite” mouthguard
  3. The custom-made mouthguard by a dentist

All properly fitted mouthguards provide varying degrees of protection.  The most effective mouthguard should be resilient, tear-resistant and comfortable.  It should also fit properly, be durable and not restrict your speech or breathing.

Here at MoGo Sport we pride ourselves in the protection, performance and fit that our mouthguards consist of.  The added value that we provide mouthguard users is the fact that ours are flavored!  Before MoGo Sport came along with our Flavored Mouthguards, the overall mouthguard wearing experience was not a pleasant one.  Now athletes actually want to wear their mouthguard because of the great taste.  We have revolutionized the mouthguard industry and provide athletes with something no other mouthguard company currently offers, FLAVOR!  The best part about it is that the flavor is not coated or sprayed on; it is embedded into the plastic and will last game, after game, after game.  Currently we have four flavors to choose from: Fruit Punch, Orange, Lemon & Mint.

Like us on Facebook at and Follow us on Twitter at!/MoGoSport to stay tuned for New Flavor & New Product Updates.  Currently, we have a bubble gum flavor being developed along with a flavor sheet product that dentists can use to make custom mouthguards!

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Go Flavored!


Youth Sports Safety

MoGo Sport is dedicated to promoting awareness on Youth Sports Safety.  Young athletes are often unaware of the dangers that come with being involved in sports.  It is up to parents, coaches and administrators to educate themselves and others on the risks and necessary precautions to take in order to protect the well-being of children playing sports.

The following are some very alarming statistics on youth sport safety:

  • There were 120 sports-related deaths last year
  • Each day 8,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for sports-related injuries
  • Ages 15-17 experience the highest rate of emergency room visits for sports injuries
  • High School athletes suffer 2 million injuries, 500,000 doctor visits and 30,000 hospitalizations each year
  • There are 3 times as many catastrophic football injuries among high school athletes as college athletes
  • 62% of organized sports-related injuries occur during practices
  • Only 42% of schools national fall short of the federally recommended nurse-to-student ratio

Source: Youth Sports Safety Alliance

It is impossible to entirely remove the presence of injuries in the sports world.  However, improving awareness will minimize the severity of such injuries and reduce the frequency in which they occur.  It is not only important to help spread awareness about the risk that comes with being involved in youth sports, but it is imperative to take precautionary measures for the future.  The Youth Sports Safety Alliance is asking various groups to commit to the same guidelines that they have already agreed to follow:

  • Ensure that youth athletes have access to health care professionals who are qualified to make assessments and decisions
  • Educate parents, athletes, coaches, teachers and others about the signs and symptoms of sports injuries and conditions
  • Ensure pre-participation exams before play begins and, where appropriate, conduct baseline testing; visit our MoGo Page dealing with this subject @
  • Ensure that sports equipment, uniforms, playing surfaces and environmental conditions are checked for safety and best conditions
  • Write to state legislations and members of Congress, expressing concerns.
  • Educate players and others that there’s a difference between pain and injury, and work to eliminate the culture of “playing through pain” without assessment.
  • Ensure that both general and sport-specific safety education be a priority for every administrator, coach, parent and player

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Some of the groups that are now working with the Youth Sports Safety Alliance include but are not limited to the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and the National Center for Sports Safety.  For a full list of alliance members visit

Here at MoGo Sport we want to help educate those that are involved in sports and make them aware of the risk and consequences that come with avoiding youth sports injuries.  The fact that our mouthguards are flavored will motivate youth athletes to constantly wear their mouthguard.  As we like to say here, “ MoGo Mouthguards are the mouthguard that stays in your mouth.”  For more information on MoGo Sport you can visit our website at